Bradley Baker 3: Bradley Baker and the Pyramids of Blood
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The third book in the Bradley Baker adventure series;

BRADLEY BAKER and the Pyramids of Blood
ISBN: 978-0-9561499-5-4
Reading Age Group - 7yrs to adult

The boy hero returns in another exciting adventure... this time, Bradley must confront a dear friend who holds the key to release him from the affects of the kratennuim that is transforming his body into an evil creature. We meet some new characters in the third adventure, including "The Shadow Druid" and "The Witch of Rekab".

Bradley is joined again by his two friends from Sandmouth... Musgrove and Sereny, who follow their troubled friend back into Pathylon and try to help him reverse his iminent transformation into aWerebeast. 

The three intrepid adventurers will also be united with an American boy called Jefferson Crabtree from New York and together they all face more daunting tasks, as they fight new strains of evil that threaten the arcane world...

  • Item #: 978-0-9561499-5-4
  • Manufacturer: Avocado Publishing
  • Condition: New

Bradley Baker 3: Bradley Baker and the Pyramids of Blood

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