Bradley Baker 2: Bradley Baker and the Amulet of Silvermoor
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The Second Book in the Bradley Baker Adventure series;

BRADLEY BAKER and the Amulet of Silvermoor
ISBN: 978-0-9561499-4-7

Reading Age Group - 7yrs to adult

The second adventure takes our young protagonist on another amazing journey... this time, Bradley's home village of Ravenswood provides the setting. A deep mine shaft belonging to the old coal mining site of Silvermoor lies directly below the boy hero's house and it holds some dark secrets deep within it's underground workings...

A blue sapphire inside the Amulet of Silvermoor has been stolen and to make matters worse an Ice-Cloud has been sent from the arctic island of Freytor to threaten the Pathylon populous.

A stranger from the past appears to help the eternal chosen one, but can they retrieve the amulet and prevent the destruction of Pathylon? ...and can Bradley stop the kratennium within the Ice-Cloud from melting the ice caps of Freytor?

  • Item #: 978-0-9561499-4-7
  • Manufacturer: Avocado Publishing
  • Condition: New

Bradley Baker 2: Bradley Baker and the Amulet of Silvermoor

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