Bradley Baker 1: Bradley Baker and the Curse of Pathylon
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The first book in the Bradley Baker adventure series;

BRADLEY BAKER and the Curse of Pathylon
ISBN: 978-0-9561499-3-0
Reading Age Group - 7yrs to adult

The storyline in the first book introduces our young protagonist Bradley Baker is looking for adventure and he doesn’t have to wait long to find it in Sandmouth when his visits his aunt during the summer holidays. Eleven year old Bradley befriends a local boy and together they make a great discovery in the rock pools of Amley’s Cove. 

Later that evening Bradley takes a bath and is magically transported into Pathylon where he encounters many challenging obstacles, unusual creatures and more new friends. 

Faraway in another time dimension, a strange species of arctic bear-like scavengers have journeyed across the Red Ocean aboard their ice-carved ship from the Island of Freytor. The ship’s commander is a ferocious Freytorian and he has cast a dark evil spell of revenge over the arcane world of Pathylon. 

The true King is unlawfully dethroned by a ruthless Hartopian called Varuna and the evil curse continues to shroud the darkened world. Bradley is one of twelve allies enlisted by a good Samaritan to embark upon the arduous task of freeing the King and delivering Pathylon from its bounding torment...

  • Item #: 978-0-9561499-3-0
  • Manufacturer: Avocado Publishing
  • Condition: New

Bradley Baker 1: Bradley Baker and the Curse of Pathylon

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